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Top 5 Bindi Designs Treding Now.

Top 5 Bindi Designs. Bindi Fashion Trending in 2022-2023.

1) Half Moon / Crescent Moon Shape Bindi.

These Half moon Bindis resembles Moons crescent shape. The Half moon Bindi OR Crescent moon bindis can be worn sideways and even upside down. These bindis are also called as Chand Bindis. Chand stands for Moon in Hindi. These come in Gold / Silver / Maroon colors Crescent Moon Bindis. The Half moon Bindis are available online on bindis.ca

 Crescent Moon BindisCrescent Moon Bindis

2) Tear Drop Shape Bindi.
Tear Drop Bindi are in Top Fashion these days and will stay in style for years to come. These are Traditional shaped Bindisand can be worn Point up or Point down. These Bindis make you stand out from the crowd. These come in Plain Velvet Maroon to multi coloured and Crystal embedded to Gold and Silver Tear drop Bindis. Tear Drop Silver Tone Bindis. Multicolor Teardrop Bindis. The Tear drop shape Bindis are available online on bindis.ca

Tear Drop Bindis      Multicolor Teardrop Bindis    Tear Drop Silver Tone Bindis    Crystal Bindis Online

3) Long Gold 3cm Bindi.
The 3 cm long Gold bindis are worn by Dancers to enhance the look and make them look more attractive. Long Gold 3cm Bindis alo known as Dancers Bindi or Angelic Bindis, The Long Gold 3cm Bindis are available online on bindis.ca

3cm long Gold Bindi

4) Round Crystal Bindi
A Round bindi embellished with Crystals and stones can make you the perfect bride with a difference in minutes. But make sure that you do not go overboard with the size of the bindi, as it may shadow the rest of the look. The round Crystal Bindis are worn by many Tv show artist that give then a glamorous look. The Round Crystal Bindis are available online on bindis.ca

5) Designer Bindis
These Bindis are slightly on expensive side. The Designer Bindis are are elite to compliment with your costume (deigner clothing). These are usually worn for Parties. The Designer Bindis are made with lot of crystals, stone work, beads, pearls. They are designed in various shapes, sizes and colors to suit your clothing and face style. The Designer Bindis are available online on bindis.ca

Designer Bindis

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