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Face Embellishments

Premium Tear Drop Gold Colour Bindis. Drop Bindis in Golden.

$ 14.95

Belly Dance Crystal Bindis. Exotic Floral Red Crystal Bindis Flower shape.

$ 11.95
Belly Dance Body Crystals

Specialty Belly Dance Bindis in Multiple Colors and shapes.

$ 18.95

Belly Dance Crystal Bindis. Traditional & Authentic quality Forehead Bindis.


Specialty Belly Dance Bindis in Multiple Colors and shapes.
These are also Known as Belly Dance Bindis or Bollywood Style Bindis as these style Bindis  are worn by Belly Dancers,  Tv Shows by Popular Tv & Movie Artist.
30 Bindis in Pack.

Our Bindis are chosen to Make you Look Pretty & Beautiful and our Quality ensures they will last long all day long. Inspired from Bollywood Movies we sell the most popular Bindis. Our Bindis are worn by women on Everyday wear, Parties, Work days, Travelling, Exercising, Yoga, Wedding, Tours, Festival Stage performances, Dances.

Our Bindis will add some sparkle to your look and get ready to create, inspire, and glow. All Bindis are applied just like a sticker and can be used a few times, once the glue has dried out they can be re-used using eyelash glue.

Our Bindis are safe to wear on the skin and will compliment all skin tones.



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