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How to wear Bindis on your Face / Forehead ?

In this post we will explain you best position to place the Bindi on forehead before you stick them on to your skin.
A Brand New Bindi does have a good stick on glue to stay on your skin for hours or days .
Before you even peel a bindi from the packing do wash the face / forehead or the spot where you will be applying the bindi. This helps remove the oils and dirt that can weaken the bindi glue. Once you wash the area, wipe it dry and wait for a minute before you begin. If you are reusing a bindi which has a weak glue then apply eyelash glue to the back of the bindi. Be careful while you apply as not to get the glue on the front side of the Bindi and not to apply too much as you don’t want it to seep out around the bindi border. Use a Ear bud / cotton bud to apply any eyelesh glue on the back of the Bindi. Allow the glue to dry for about 30 to 60 seconds. To wear the Bindis make sure you position it exactly where you want it to go, apply it to your forehead. As a general guide it’s good to aim for the bottom of the bindi to land between your eyebrows or Just above the eyebrows. Repeat the same process for any style of bindi. It is easier to use your finger nails to pick the bindis out from the bindi pack when applying them. And your bindi ends up right where you want it.
Please see the Photo below where exactly the bindi is to be applied. The Bindi can even be placed slightly Above the position shown OR can be placed below the position shown (at the eyebrow level)

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