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What is Bindi ?

The bindi is a beautiful small sticker that is worn by Women and Girls on their Forehead between the eyebrows. Bindis originates from South Asian cultures. The bindi has evolved from a Red Dot / Red powder to beautiful jewels that are appreciated by cultures around the world. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It represents the third eye. The Bindis now come in beautiful Shapes and Sizes and they may be simple Velvet Bindis to Crystal embedded Bindis. There are also a variety of designs, including swirls, jewels, and different shapes instead of the perfect circle.Bindis were originally worn only by Indian Women. Now Bindis are worn by Women all over the world. Our Beautiful Bindis Maye you Prettier.

Hindus believe there are seven chakras, energy points in the body that should be aligned, and the bindi is placed right where the sixth one should be.

We at bindis.ca offer the most luxurious packaged and uniquely designed bindis. A variety of gold, silver, gold and silver, red, multi-colored, and all-colored packs of bindis in all sizes are available. We at bindis.ca sell Bindis online in USA, CANADA AND UK.

All our bindis are handmade in India.

Can Bindis be Reused ?

The bindi is usually made of a velvet pr made of a sticker like material. Gently peel off the bindi from the Bindi sheet. After carefully peeling off the bindi, simply place it in the desired area (usually on forehead), usually between the eyebrows (the third eye).

You can reuse your long-lasting bindi many times. It is suggested to always put the bindi back onto the sheet after usage. When your bindi is losing adhesive strengh and not sticking, use eyelash Glue and dab a small bit on the bindi and place it where desired. Please check the ingredients of eyelash glue to prevent skin allergies.

How to Peel Bindis from its Plastic without damaging them ?
Peeling Bindis is pretty straightforward. Some Bindis may get damaged while peeling them from packaging. You should use your nails to gently lift up the Bindi at its slim edge and pick them up. Please see a small video that may help you. Watch the video once or twice if needed.