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Bridal Makeup & Bindis for Forehead Decoration.

Bridal Makeup, Styling for weddings, parties, photo shoots and TV

Be a Bride or a Guest on at a Wedding or a Wedding Reception, you would like to make the Wedding day a Memorable one. Many factors contribute to make a Wedding a Memorable one. One of the Top main factor is Makeup and Hair Style of the Bride and the Guests.
A wedding usually is a expensive and comprehensive affair and much importance is given to the Styling, Hair dressing, Face & Forehead makeup. When the Bride looks pretty, the memories are kept for decades to come.

In Indian weddings one of the mesmerizing element that is ued to create a great Indian Makeup is a Bindi or Forehead Decoration. A Bindi Increases face Beauty. No matter if a Plain single color Bindi is applied or a Multi color Bindi is applied or a Crystal studded Designer Bindi is applied a Bindi will increase the Bridal Beauty. Some MAKEUP Artist prefer a full Forehead Bridal Bindi over the Eyebrows while some prefer a single Bindi Sticker between eyebrows. A Bindi is said to create Expressive Eyes. A Bindi is not just limited to a Indian Wedding these days.

At bindis.ca we partner with Best Makeup Artis, Bridal Boutiques, Wedding Planners and supply the best quality Bindis for Special Occasions. Our Bindis donot fall apart or loose the grip or stickiness and last for your entire Long day. Do check out or Shop for Quality Bindis. We ship Bindis in USA CANADA UK. They ship out from New York and Toronto.

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