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  1. How to Peel / remove Bindis from its Plastic Backing ?

    Easy to Follow steps to Peel Bindis without damaging them. Read the steps and also watch a small Video on How to take gently bindis off its plastic backing using your nails. Click here to read the steps.

2. Bindis & Belly Dancing

Belly Dance Accessories & Costumes
One of the more exciting moments of dancing comes with being on a stage and dazzling your audience with your amazing moves. But this raises the question of what you wear while you perform . …. Click here to read more.

3. Top 5 Bindi Designs Trending Now.

Half Moon / Crescent Moon Shape Bindi, Tear Drop Shape Bindi, Long Gold 3cm Bindi, Round Crystal Bindi, Designer Bindis ….. Click here to read more

4. Bridal Makeup & Bindis for Forehead Decoration.

Be a Bride or a Guest on at a Wedding or a Wedding Reception, you would like to make the Wedding day a Memorable one. Many factors contribute to make a Wedding a Memorable one. One of the Top main factor is Makeup…... Click here to read more

5. Bridal Eyebrow Forehead Bindi Jewels.

Eyebrow Bindi or a Bridal is a piece of stick on Crystal Jewels that are used to decorate the Forehead or above Eyebrow portion of a Bride or a Girl for any given occasion.
This is a Traditional way of Face or body decoration ……..Click here to read more

6. How to wear bindis the right way ?

A Brand New Bindi does have a good stick on glue to stay on your skin for hours or days .
If you are reusing a bindi ……..Click here to read more